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Diction of Standard Mandarin

4 - 7 Apr 2017, Tues – Fri(4 days)

7.30pm – 10.30pm

NYT Studio
28 Aliwal Street, #03-02, Aliwal Arts Centre, Singapore 199918.

Class size:
Max. 20

Mia Chee


Conducted in:
Mandarin (Chinese)

This is a basic class for people who want to speak Mandarin with proper diction. It aims to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge of Mandarin pronunciation, such as the correct enunciation of consonants, vowels and tones. It also aims to impart knowledge of standard spoken Mandarin, including ways to vary tones in speech.

Application is now closed.

Deadline for application: 31 March 2017, Friday, 11.59pm.

To apply, please:
   1. Click HERE to download the application form*.
   2. Submit the form via email with the subject title 'SPEECH APPLICATION'.
   3. Email it to class@nineyearstheatre.com.

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About the instructors:

Mia is an actor, producer and theatre educator. She started learning to perform in standard Mandarin at the age of 9 when she joined Rediffusion's children radio drama group. Since then, she has been performing in school through her teenage years and eventually graduated with a BA in Theatre Studies and Chinese Language from the National University of Singapore. In addition to that, Mia was in the 2nd batch of students training under the former Theatre Training and Research Programme (now known as Intercultural Theatre Institute) and studied close to 2 years, before becoming a proud mother to her twin daughters. Mia had also been moonlighting as a part-time DJ at Y.E.S. 933 FM from 1997 to 2013. She has worked with various theatre companies such as Toy Factory Productions Ltd, Dramabox, The Theatre Practice, Paper Monkey Theatre, The Necessary Stage and TheatreWorks. Recent works include Tartuffe (2015), An Enemy of the People (2014), The Bride Always Knocks Twice (The Theatre Practice, 2013) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Nine Years Theatre, Macau Arts Festival 2013). She is currently the company director of Nine Years Theatre and leads the NYT Ensemble Project in vocal and speech training.
Diction of Standard Mandarin
"Discovered my weaknesses in speech, cleared some misconceptions about certain rules in Mandarin speech." — Liew Jiayi

"I now understand where my Mandarin speech problems lie and how to work on fixing them." Jo Tan

"平时说话时的一些小毛病获得改正,并且(学到)怎么运用嘴巴、舌头的肌肉来发音。" — 佘慧娴