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Nine Years Theatre's belief in learning and training is not limited to the creators, but extends to our relationship with our audiences. Our objectives are firstly, to develop an informed audience who can better appreciate the works on stage and secondly, to in turn encourage the creators to continuously strive for quality in their productions.

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"Drink and Talk" Sessions
NYT strives to continuously engage our audiences. We believe that audiences should not merely consume art, but also be offered the opportunity to discuss art. As such, Drink and Talk sessions - a casual post-show dialogue over drinks -  are held after every performance of our play.

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We had previously held these sharing sessions:

  1. What is a Classic Realist Play?
  2. Defining and Positioning the Singapore Mandarin Theatre
  3. Mandarin Theatre and the Revival of Classics: The Historical Momentum of Nine Years Theatre's Establishment

DRAWING ON LITERATURE: The process of Art Studio - 20 Aug 2017, 5pm
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